RoadTest Review: Rohde & Schwarz HMP4040.04 Programmable Power Supply

Thanks to the generosity of element14 and Rohde & Schwarz, I was lucky enough to do yet another RoadTest of a pretty expensive piece of gear. Say hello to the Rohde & Schwarz HMP4040.04, a 4-channel 384W Programmable DC Power Supply.

Featuring four equally-specified channels with up to 160W each, this supply is amongst the most versatile on the market.

This supply carries the heritage of Hameg Instruments with a three-year warranty, but rather unfortunately, my unit arrived damaged and is the subject of an insurance claim.

Nonetheless, I carried out a fully comprehensive RoadTest review and the supply was surprisingly impressive in terms of its performance – it is truly unimpeachable, although there are a few minor annoyances.

Find out more about the Rohde & Schwarz HMP4040.04 by reading the full RoadTest review summary, or go into the details in the following chapters:

(or download this Backup ZIP of PDF files)

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