Sony Clarity and Durability

As expected from Sony, this was a high quality cassette, Made in the USA. It had a very striking sleeve appearance.

Sony CD E240

The cassette itself is unremarkable and quite generic in appearance, although the spoke cut-outs are a bit of a different shape (larger, rounded) than most generic ones.

Sony CD E240 Top

But you can tell the difference on the bottom mould due to the logo being present.

Sony CD E240 Bottom

Likewise, you will see the printing and heat-stamp on the label area as further assurance it’s a high quality, genuine cassette despite the “generic” shell.

Sony CD E240 Spine

One Response to Sony Clarity and Durability

  1. Ryan Bartolo says:

    Do you have the Sony CD E-180 that came with the cream coloured case?

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