Verbatim (BD-R & BD-RE)

This section focuses on Verbatim branded BD-R and BD-RE discs.

Verbatim 4x LTH BD-R

This was purchased in a small spindle of ten for sampling. It has a printable white top, with subtle grey text branding at the edge. This has been a “fashion” for some printable retail media, so they are not entirely “brand-free” but when printed over, the brand is rather inconspicuous. There are also not many vendors of LTH media as they were supposed to be cheap but were rarely the case, and have poor archival characteristics. Thus is is a “rare” sight of a gold bottom BD-R. The MID is VERBAT-IMv-000.

Verbatim 2x BD-RE

The older design BD-RE packaging and disc. The design was quite plain and the inside of the front inlay is entirely consumed by warranty notices, which isn’t very user friendly. The MID is VERBAT-IM0-000.

Verbatim 2x BD-RE (new)

This is the newer packaging and disc top format, although the disc remains the same with the same MID. The warranty statement is reduced to half of the inner surface of the front inlay, but the rear of the front inlay is now filled with graphic rather than a note area as with the older design.