Palsonic HI

Palsonic is an Australian import brand that still exists today, and have had many of their dealings through the Australian K-Mart. They normally represent the cheaper end of the market, but claim to offer decent quality for a value price. We had only a few of their cassettes.

Palsonic HI E240

A close inspection of the shells of the cassettes reveals its likely OEM is Teac. The shell shape is identical to the HX series, as is the reels and marking on the spine. Two reel variants are known, the second variant is much like the reels on the X-1 and S-HGX range. The bottoms are the same in both variants.

Palsonic HI E240 Top

Palsonic HI E240 Top 2

Palsonic HI E240 Bottom

Palsonic HI E240 Spine

So, how about that? We were buying Teac all along!

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