Sony Super Durable & Excellent Quality

The Super Durable & Excellent (DX) line of cassettes from Sony have spanned a long time.

Sony Super DX Heavy Duty E180

This one, unusually, was made in the USA. The cassette itself looks generic at first glance, but has a much finer hatching and a tapered clear reel plate cut-out which is unique. The cover flap moulding is a little different as well.

Sony Super DX Heavy Duty E180 Top

As usual, the underside has the logo in the mould, but rather unusual is the appearance of vertical stripes.

Sony Super DX Heavy Duty E180 Bottom

The manufacturer’s print on the spine is very generic, however.

Sony Super DX Heavy Duty E180 Spine

Then came this one, which was their “Worldwide Hit Model”.

Sony SuperDX-WorldWideHit E180

The cassettes came in two variants – the first is the rough-grid-cut top which is distinctly Sony.

Sony SuperDX-WorldWideHit E180 1 Top Sony SuperDX-WorldWideHit E180 1 Bottom Sony SuperDX-WorldWideHit E180 1 Spine

The other was more generic looking but with Sony in the bottom shell mould.

Sony SuperDX-WorldWideHit E180 2 Top Sony SuperDX-WorldWideHit E180 2 Bottom Sony SuperDX-WorldWideHit E180 2 Spine

This is probably their last one. Bought in bulk from a supermarket, it still extols the same benefit of the DX line – durability over many playback runs.

Sony Super DX New E180

This one was made in France, which is a bit of an unusual choice of manufacturing location.

Sony Super DX New E180 Top

It has Sony moulded into the flap, but is otherwise a very generic shell, similar to the Clarity and Durability range.

Sony Super DX New E180 Bottom

But unlike the Clarity and Durability range, the underside does not have the Sony logo in the moulding and has a slightly different hatching pattern.

Sony Super DX New E180 Spine

There are several different labels available for the spine, but no middle label was supplied. This was the one I liked most. In fact, I managed to find an unused label sheet –

Sony Super DX Label Front

Sony Super DX Label Back

3 Responses to Sony Super Durable & Excellent Quality

  1. Andrew says:

    I Remember These Sony VHS Cassettes As I Remember I Had South Park On Some Tapes Like These Witch Are 5 Of The DXE Models And 2 Of The DXF1 Models

  2. Samuel says:

    Can I purchase the first VHS tape, with yellow and black writing from you? I know that is a strange request and you warned against it but it would mean a lot.

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