LG is a company more famous for optical drives and other home appliances, but they also make optical media.


This is an early DVD-R disc, as evidenced by the name including the words “for General”. This was to distinguish it from even earlier discs which were written by a different wavelength laser which was “for Authoring”. The metallization on the disc also goes right into the inside, but the printing on the inlays seems to be somewhat poor. The MID is LGE04.


I also managed to get the 8x version, but in bulk spindle packaging. The MID is LGE08 – rather predictably.

LG 4x BD-R

Since my first Blu-ray burner was an LG model, I felt it would be good to get some LG media to try it with, hence this disc. The MID is LGEBRA-S04-000.