SD/SDHC/SDXC Performance Test Database

Over time, I’ve collected a fair number of micro and full size SD/SDHC/SDXC cards of which I have tested. As the number of cards have increased, the “scattering” of information amongst the separate blog posts is sure to be frustrating to follow at some point. As a result, this page will be the one page where the most recent copy of the performance test database will be held.

The Table

Unfortunately, to preserve formatting, I’ve had to upload it as an image. You can click to enlarge. Pale blue cards are micro format, with mauve cards being “regular” full size cards.

Current cards in the database are:

UHS-I Speed Class 3 Rated

UHS-I Speed Class 1 Rated

Class 10 Rated

  • Patriot LX 32Gb Class 10 SDHC
  • Team 32Gb Class 10 SDHC
  • Samsung 32Gb Class 10 SDHC

Class 4 Rated

No Class Rating

  • Kingston 2Gb Unclassed SDSC
  • Sandisk 2Gb Blue Unclassed SDSC
  • Pretec 2Gb Unclassed microSDSC
  • OEM Unbranded 2Gb Unclassed microSDSC

Updated where individual reviews are present, they have been linked. The cards which I have owned, and have had their test results bought forward from the last roundup are unlinked.

4 Responses to SD/SDHC/SDXC Performance Test Database

  1. Pete says:

    Excellent work Gough! Lots of good info here. A+!

    My name is Pete and I’m in New York City. This is my first visit to your blog.

    If I could make a suggestion …

    I was interested in seeing one or two of your tests for the SDHC cards that are in the list/PNG. The general idea is that I’m trying to navigate from one of your blog pages to another page. You have a tag cloud and that’s great. But if I click on “review” in the tag cloud I get all kinds of reviews.

    Of course, there are the long list of posts down the right hand side AND the Google custom search box. But maybe the post isn’t recent or I don’t want to leave the current page to go to a search page.

    You could link directly from the text for the SDHC cards below “Current cards in the database are” and that would do it, but I’m not going to suggest that.

    Instead, I’m going to suggest that you list the tags for a blog post at the bottom (or top?) of that blog post. Bottom is probably best. That way a visitor could click/right-click on a tag that interests them and see more of your posts on that topic.

    Again, nice blog Gough, very well done.

    • lui_gough says:

      Dear Pete,

      Thanks for the comments, and organization has been a mammoth bugbear of mine, so apologies for that. I’ve tried to make better sense of organizing things, however, it seems that WordPress doesn’t do a great job of this automatically, simply because of the fact that pages don’t have tags, and only categories, whereas posts have both. It’s a bit of a shame, but I would suggest users look at the category Flash Memory for more on the SD/HC/XC card and SSD related stuff.

      Your suggestion of hyperlinking the list of cards is probably much easier to achieve in the interim, for the cards that have already been tested – it’s really a matter of finding the time to make things happen.

      [EDIT: It has now been done – I think this would make it easier for people to discover more about the cards.]

      Thanks for your suggestions,


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