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Teardown: Clone Nikon EN-EL14 “Fully Decoded” Battery

I suppose it’s no secret that aftermarket clone batteries are the life-blood of people who need their devices to last all day. After becoming a Nikon D3200 owner, one of my main complaints was the short battery life of the … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Kingston 32Gb Ultimate SDHC and 128Gb SDXC

Many people might be on the look-out to buy some more storage in the form of SD cards, whether it be for their camera, or for hobby purposes (say, the Raspberry Pi). Increasingly large sized SD cards are now becoming … Continue reading

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Random Post: Ankle, Aldi Mobile “Unlimited”, Xmas Post, Device Updates, Pennytel, etc.

Hello guys! I’m back, but unfortunately, my body isn’t. I’ve spent a bit of time, in bits, collecting some thoughts which I should have posted about but haven’t had the motivation or time. Hopefully that keeps my readers a little … Continue reading

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Analyzing the Efergy HM01 Air Data Format

Isn’t it funny how having the Efergy HM01 power meter sitting on my desk, looking all “sad” from not being used makes me suddenly want to make an effort to try and reverse engineer the air interface? I suppose part … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Efergy HM01 Electricity Display Device

When you’re onto a good thing, I suppose it’s natural to just keep going. Knowing that my Efergy Elite 1.0 can be decoded using RTL-SDR, and knowing the e2 (presumably that is, the e2 classic that Nathaniel has) can also … Continue reading

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Random: Arrgh, my ankle! Energy Monitor Fun – tracing “vampire loads”

Another week goes by, and strangely, my ankle is still busted. As a result, life has been about being content with being bedridden most of the time and trying my best not to walk at all, in order to avoid … Continue reading

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Sharing the Data: Efergy Wireless Energy Monitor

Regular followers can already tell that I’ve been making progress in tinkering with the EfergyRPI_001 code by Nathaniel Elijah, having impressed myself with getting it working on Windows and logging data happily for days on my Chromebook. But now it’s … Continue reading

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Efergy Wireless Energy Monitor decoding now in Windows!

If it seems I’ve been a little crazy with the posts lately, you’re not mistaken. I’ve been slightly busy trying different things, and now I have some good news – you can now decode your Efergy Wireless Energy Monitor from … Continue reading

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Improving RTL-SDR Decoding of the Efergy Wireless Energy Monitor

In all of my excitement after discovering that Efergy Wireless Energy Monitors could be decoded using the data from an RTL-SDR dongle and a program written by Nathaniel Elijah, there were still several investigations I needed to conduct to determine … Continue reading

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Efergy Energy Monitor Decoding with RTL-SDR

In a very cool development, Nathaniel Elijah of RTL-SDR Projects had posted about the decoding of the Efergy E2 Classic FSK data transmissions using RTL-SDR and a Raspberry Pi. I just so happened to stumble upon his page, and knowing … Continue reading

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Project: Building a DVB-T TV Tuner Server with mumudvb

Building yourself a TV tuner server is definitely not a new thing for me. In fact, I did this almost precisely one year ago with mumudvb. Since then, I have learnt a few bits of wisdom and needed to start … Continue reading

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RTL-SDR: A tool for Visualizing Broadcast Satellite Signals

For people who chase broadcast satellite signals, we know that the vast majority of them are DVB-S/DVB-S2 signals, which can easily be scoped out with any CrazyScan capable tuner, such as the TBS6925. Even a regular blind-scan card gives you … Continue reading

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Digital TV Switchover Sydney – 3rd December 2013

It seems that the Digital TV Switchover is finally upon us. After several unsuccessful “attempts” at drawing a deadline to ending analog TV broadcasts, it seems like this time, it’s for real. The switchover has been a rolling program, rolling … Continue reading

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Mixed Post: Solitary Confinement, WD RMA, Tablets, BluRay, APs, etc.

It’s been weeks since I last posted. Silences like these are very much depressing, both for myself and my visitors (I assume). Blogging is like a therapy – it’s a way of letting people know you’re still around, and giving … Continue reading

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