The Hi-Tech brand was sold in BigW. It is likely to be BigW’s own house-brand, and quality was “acceptable” but it seemed that the design varied a little. The first sort was the white-paper-sleeve type.

Hi-Tech White E180

Internally, there were two different types of reel used (single prong segmented into two sections, and three prong segmented into two sections each) – but the shell itself was as generic as can be. Both designs used the same bottom.

Hi-Tech White E180 Top 1 Hi-Tech White E180 Top 2 Hi-Tech White E180 Bottom

The label was made of a glossy paper, and was vibrantly coloured unlike the early “generic” low-cost tapes. There are no manufacturer print codes, although there is paint marking from our tape inventory system.

Hi-Tech White E180 Spine

The later, other sort, came in a black paper case.

Hi-Tech Black E180

It doesn’t inspire too much confidence, if I’m to be honest. The shell is generic, but a little coarse around the clear reel plate cut-outs. The branding is carelessly printed over the flap. It feels a bit cheap.

Hi-Tech Black E180 Top Hi-Tech Black E180 Bottom

The label itself was very generic – this is what all of the cheap no-brand cassettes used to bundle-in. They printed the manufacturer’s code area with the same paint, likely to exude a sense of quality (as generic cassettes often didn’t have the print) but they’re not fooling anybody!

Hi-Tech Black E180 Spine

I have what also appears to be an even earlier incarnation with “windmill” frosting patterns on the clear hub plate and unruled spine label. I don’t know if it came in the top white jacket format or something else …

Hi Tech Old E180 Top

Hi Tech Old E180 Bottom

Hi Tech Old E180 Spine

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