JVC Excellent Resolution

Victor Company of Japan, JVC,  was the “father” of VHS. Anyone who wanted to manufacture a VHS cassette did so under license of JVC due to patents. If anyone knew how to make a VHS cassette, it should be JVC. Their paper cassette sleeve is mostly made of simple geometry, but it’s attractive nonetheless.

JVC Excellent Resolution E180

Their cassettes was simple but memorable. Their cassettes featured a blue to purple window tint with “depressed” regions and cut-outs in the clear hub plate. As they aged, the clear leader tends to snap away from the clip due to plastic fatigue (and due to ramming in the end due to poorly adjusted end-sensors). This one, the last one in the collection, had also succumbed to fungus.

JVC Excellent Resolution E180 Top

The ribbings alternate from thin at the bottom, to thicker at the top, with no ugly generic text to be found. The VHS logo is in the bottom left hand corner, instead of to the rop right. The logo is printed on the flap in perfect alignment.

JVC Excellent Resolution E180 Bottom

The underside continues with the thin ribbing, with the mould clearly stating “Made in Japan”.

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