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Terms of Use

Your use of this site is governed by the following terms of use:

  • Copyright of the presented information is retained by Gough Lui except where indicated and scans or photographs of box artwork where copyright is retained by the original author with such exhibits used under what is believed to be fair use for research, discussion and documentary purposes.
  • The site is used at the user’s own risk and information is provided in good faith. No responsibility or liability is accepted for any damages howsoever incurred. You are advised to seek professional advice before taking any action based on or inspired by information posted on the website.
  • Your usage of the site is not guaranteed to be uninterrupted, accessible to your device, free of malware or viruses or free of errors. Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond my control, site outages and errors may occur and compatibility issues may arise.
  • The information on the site is for personal use only. You may not use the content on the site (including, but not limited to the text, photographs, diagrams, sounds) for commercial purposes by extracting, copying (in whole or in part) without receiving approval from me (via the Contact Me page).
  • Links to the site must link to the content page and must not link to files directly. Linking to site content is permitted without any permission required.
  • The posting of spam, advertising, astroturfing campaigns and misinformation is not permitted. All comments are moderated and postings found to be in violation of this will not be posted.
  • Access to the site is provided freely for the benefit of all, however, is supported by advertising. It would be appreciated if users allow the advertising to load, however, users are freely permitted to block advertising.
  • Use of automatic bulk downloaders, crawlers, form submitters and offline browsers is not permitted as it has adverse effects on the quality of service for legitimate visitors. Exceptions are made for major search engines, although if crawling activity causes continued issues, requests may be blocked.
  • Users consent for the collection of data in accordance to the privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

Users visiting this website may have their personal information collected, including:

  • Data users have chosen to enter into form fields, such as that of the Name, E-mail, Website and Comment in the comment field.
  • Metadata including (but not limited to) IP address, browser user-agent string, languages installed, screen resolution, URL accessed, time spent on page, referring page, device model.

Such information is collected to:

  • Improve provision of services to visitors through a better understanding of viewing habits, devices used and demographics.
  • Provide the comment service and e-mail subscription service.
  • Run advertising on the website.
  • Reduce spam and abuse of the website.

Data entered into forms is collected by this website into a secured database, whereas metadata is collected through services and technologies from the following third-parties, where specifics on the data collected and how the data is used is available from their respective privacy policies:

Data collected directly by this website (i.e. voluntarily entered into form fields) is not sold or transferred to any third-party entities and is only used to provide the requested service by the user. Data collected by third-parties is subject to their respective policies which may include combining data from other sources and use across geographic boundaries and across agencies. Data collected by third parties is expired and removed according to their policies after a fixed period (e.g. 24 months).

The proper delivery of these services utilises cookies which are small snippets of data used to track your progression through the website, to detect repeat visits to the site, to ensure that the Captcha mechanisms for detecting automated abuse of the website operates correctly, to ensure comments can be submitted and to ensure relevant advertising is displayed. Users are free to disallow cookies through configuration of their in-browser options or the use of third-party ad-blocking/script-blocking extensions, however, proper operation of the website cannot be guaranteed under these circumstances.

Users who do not wish to have their personal information collected can:

  • Not enter any information into form fields and do not click on any submission buttons, especially if they do not wish it to be published.
  • Use the Google Advertising Opt-Out, Google Analytics Opt-Out and WordPress Privacy Settings
  • Use their browser’s built-in cookie control and do-not track settings.
  • Install browser extensions which block advertising, tracking and analytics services.
  • Visit the site via a secure proxy or VPN solution, or employ alternative live-CD type operating systems, or visit via another computer which you have permission to use.
  • Visit cached copies of the site via Archive.org or Google.
  • Opt not to visit this site at all.

Users are responsible for ensuring they take sufficient measures to protect their own privacy, which may require taking a combination of a number of actions.

In ordinary circumstances, entered data into form fields will not be amended. Users who may have entered data into form fields and wish for the data to be amended can do so only in exceptional circumstances (e.g. unintended leakage of personal information) by contacting me through the Contact Me page and providing full details of the amendment request and relevant details of the original submission.

The personal information collected may change due to changes in the operation of third-party services and due to changes including the addition or removal of third-party services from the website. Significant changes to the collected information and the nature of its use will be reflected in an updated privacy policy. Any enquiries can be directed to me via the Contact Me page.

Last Updated: 24th August 2018