Library of Received Faxes

Since Project FAX was launched in March 2016, I was anticipating a flood of faxes to the numbers listed on the site. Instead, I only received a very small number of attempts, and even fewer number of successes.

In fact, when checking the inbound call logs, I found some people improperly using the number and was thus receiving calls from market researchers and mobile phones which obviously have no interest in faxes. A few other calls may have failed because of the vagaries of the Digium Free Fax plugin which doesn’t always play nice with all types of fax machines.

While I waited for the number of faxes to build up, it became evident that it probably wouldn’t – so I might as well wait no longer and just publish the received faxes as they stand.

Thanks for being a part of Project FAX. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as successful as I would have liked it to be. This page will be updated if more faxes are successfully received.

Update: 31st July 2016

I managed to receive another fax from a curious visitor who had never otherwise sent a fax. I guess it shows, because the header line on the top shows it was sent upside down. Thanks for your fax!

Update: 10th December 2016

Another reader sent a fax – this one with a story. Thanks for your contribution!

Update: 6th November 2017

After all this time, the line sat idle (or rung by autodiallers, with no completed faxes) until today when this fax came in. It appears to be a fax of a spread from the Yellow Pages, and is a rather complex image. It displays just how fax (a monochrome medium) tries to convey greyscale – through dithering.