Teac ASX

The Teac ASX was a much later cassette, and was in the “cheapening” phase of the VHS lifecycle. These were purchased from Woolworths in multiple-tape packets, and actually feature a spelling mistake which was replicated for many batches where “cable” was incorrectly spelt as “cadle”. I was wondering … what is cadle?!


The tape shells themselves are Teac, barely recognizable by the rectangle shape, but the reels themselves had two types – the Teac sort, and the less distinct “large wings” design, both shown below with their respective spines. The branding was “cheaply” printed onto the flap, which is otherwise very generic and standard.

TEAC ASX E180 Top 2 TEAC ASX E180 Spine 2

TEAC ASX E180 Top 1 TEAC ASX E180 Spine

Both types have the same underside though.

TEAC ASX E180 Bottom

This underside is similar to the later Teac X-2, noting the orientation of the rectangle hatching as being horizontal instead of vertical as in the HX and X-1 series.

Upon further rummaging, I found an ASX with an interesting wedge shape cut-out in the clear hub plate.

Teac ASX Wedge E180 Top Teac ASX Wedge E180 Rear Teac ASX Wedge E180 Spine

From time to time, there were also promotional editions of the ASX. This one, for example, had 10 minutes more recording time. There was also ones in translucent plastic shells and library cases – but I didn’t get to this project in time and they were disposed of :(.

Teac ASX E250

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