G-Tape Premium Performance

This cassette comes from the same Musicway Corporation that is responsible for the Opus brand of fairly average quality cassettes. This one was branded G-Tape, and claimed to be premium performance, however if memory serves me right, it was just as mediocre as the rest. The cassette itself was long lost, but I still have the fancy sleeve.

G-Tape Premium Performance E240

2 Responses to G-Tape Premium Performance

  1. Tim says:

    And this one was a Coles home brand from memory!

    • lui_gough says:

      Well, actually, Musicway corporation was in charge of this brand from memory, along with such “rubbish” as Opus. But yes, they were sold in Coles very frequently, so it’s understandable to have the two associated. Apparently they were also in charge of supplying some earlier government stationery stores tapes under the Greencorp branding as well.

      – Gough

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