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Tech Flashback: Rambus DRDRAM RIMM and CRIMM Modules

Rambus DRDRAM (or RDRAM as it was sometimes known) was a proprietary memory technology championed by Rambus and Intel as a (potential) successor to SDRAM. As memory bandwidth requirements rose in the early Pentium 4 era, there was a need … Continue reading

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Addendum: OSRAM LIGHTIFY Spectral Test Results Redux

As a student and a hobbyist, getting access to nice proper equipment can be quite difficult. Using the wrong sort of equipment can lead to poor results and big hassles. In the recent review of the OSRAM LIGHTIFY system, I … Continue reading

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Analysis: Freeview Sydney – Launch of 9Life, DSM-CC, etc.

As per the announcements, at 6am on 26th November 2015, the 9Life channel was officially launched and the Channel 9 Freeview offerings have undergone a reshuffle as a result. Anticipating this move for a week now, I had my trained … Continue reading

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Review: OSRAM LIGHTIFY Smart Connected Lighting System

As we rapidly move towards an IP-connected society, with buzzwords such as “internet-of-things” and “sensor networks”, suddenly the concept of home automation has become cool again. No, we’re not talking about the old fashioned expensive, temperamental, slow and clunky power-line … Continue reading

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Analysis: Sydney Freeview Services (Nov 2015) & Melbourne Cup

Being the busy person that I am, I don’t usually have much time to watch TV, not that there’s much to watch on Freeview most days. Despite that, I caught wind that Channel 9 will launch a new lifestyle channel … Continue reading

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Random Compu-Maintenance: Dusty PC & Stuck Power Button

Computers and their peripherals around my place are generally reliable, but occasionally some things do happen. As a result, I’ve grouped these two recent happenings into one posting. PC: “… help me!” Just last weekend, my brother barged into my … Continue reading

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Modification: Ausdom M06 Headset to Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

Having recently just reviewed the Ausdom M06, I decided it didn’t quite fit my needs as a headphone, but it had a perfectly adequate and capable Bluetooth chipset. As a result, I decided to embark on a short journey to … Continue reading

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Friday 13th November 2015: The Night the Power Went Out

Friday the 13th, commonly known as Black Friday, is believed to bring bad luck. While I’m not a superstitious person, and I don’t believe in a fear of the number 13, it seems that something was special about this Friday. … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Ausdom M06 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

To most, Ausdom is not a highly recognizable brand. In fact, it is another one of those Chinese Shenzhen-based companies with lofty ambitions, currently focused on headsets, speakers, surveillance and automotive accessories. Such companies are often operating in highly price-sensitive … Continue reading

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Review: Orico USB 3.0 5-bay RAID HDD Enclosure (9558RU3) – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the review on the Orico USB 3.0 5-bay RAID HDD Enclosure where we continue with actual performance tests and usage experiences. Performance Testing The drive itself presented as a single drive as I was … Continue reading

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Review: Orico USB 3.0 5-bay RAID HDD Enclosure (9558RU3) – Part 1

If you ever do anything that involves high-rate data acquisition, a copious amount of relatively high speed storage is often a costly requirement. Having just recently upgraded my 4x4Tb array to 4x6Tb, this displaced four drives for use elsewhere. Two … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: Ethernet (10Mbit/s) Network Interface Card Collection

Seeing as I had just posted a Fast Ethernet flashback, I suppose it would be a good time to go further and look back another decade to the “original” Ethernet. Prior to the development of an over-arching networking standard, networks … Continue reading

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