RiTEK is a large Taiwanese manufacturer of “value” media, but also, the manufacturer for Ricoh media as well. Their discs have a varying reputation – some of them have caused me no trouble at all, whereas others have caused data loss through various mechanisms. Quite popular amongst rebadge brands, similarly to CMC Magnetics products.

Ritek Excellent 4x DVD+R

The Ritek Excellent discs came in a slimline case with a white tray. I did purchase quite a lot of the later 8x ones, for reasons that will become clear in a moment, but I did have the chance to sample a 4x one. The one above has a mediacode of RITEK-R02-01 and is obviously a Ritek product with its quite purple dye.

Ritek Excellent 8x DVD+R

The 8x version had very similar packaging, but the difference was that the disc was not a RiTEK mediacode. Instead it was a more respected RICOHJPN-R02-03 with a slightly paler dye. I had much better expereiences with Ricoh media, and their compatibility was unimpeachable, so this was one of my ways of obtaining it. Unfortunately, RiTEK were prone to chopping and changing between their own and Ricoh discs at random.

Ritek 2.4x DVD+R DL

This disc was obtained from a Ritek spindle of DVD-Rs during promotion when they bundled an extra DVD+R DL disc as a introductory bonus, perhaps to try and get people to use more expensive DL media more often. Ritek DL media has always come second to Verbatim for compatibility, especially with writer firmware, and the write quality near the layer change can get quite problematic. This disc was no exception, but at least it burnt without failure at the time, which was more than I had expected. Media code for this disc is RITEK-D01-01.

Ritek 2x BD-R

This retail disc was actually purchased in a wholesaler at the time for AU$16 per disc when retailers were selling them for AU$20. It seems that RiTEK were not particularly worried about their retail packing, and so packed each disc in a white-tray full-size jewel case with a cardboard outer sleeve that has since been lost. The BD-R outer sleeve was a pale-blue and white design if memory serves me right. This particular disc is infamous as the one that caused me much grief and data loss (see my Legacy Pages). The media code is RITEK-BR1-000.

Ritek 2x BD-RE

This was purchased from the same wholesaler at the same time to the BD-R above, and were packaged in the same manner except with a light-pink and white outer sleeve. I’ve not had issues with these discs, which is interesting to say the least. The media code is RITEK-BW1-001.