Magmedia is another rebadge brand often found in newsagents.

Magmedia 12x 80 minute CD-RW

This disc is actually packaged in a slimline case rather than a full sized jewel case. I like how someone had to come up with the blurb and must have been worried about word count – hence sentences such as “Multispeed – up to and including 12x, easy to write and erase, compatible with most CDRW drives, for precise data & video storage”. The ATIP is 97m32s10f (Prodisc Technology), with a capacity of 79m59s74f.

Magmedia 4x DVD-RW

The blurb text on this one is very similar. The disc has an MID of INFOMEDIAA20, which doesn’t seem to be so common. I suspect the media is not particularly high quality, and possibly of Hong Kong origin based on the mediacode, hence the compatibility with “most” drives as a disclaimer.