Socket 939 (AMD)

Socket 939 was the “deluxe” version of Socket 754 and offered dual channel memory. In general, it was more expensive than Socket 754, however was a favourite with overclockers with boards such as the DFI Lanparty series being very commonly used to push chips to the brink. This particular socket also saw Opteron “workstation” CPUs released for it, which generally overclocked well. Thermal solutions supplied were identical to those for Socket 754.

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ ADA3200DAA4BP 2.0Ghz

This CPU is based on the Venice core, and is 64-bit capable.

DSC_7770 DSC_7771

AMD Opteron 144 OSA144DAA5BN 1.8Ghz

A San Diego core design, successor to the Venice.

DSC_7766 DSC_7767

AMD Opteron 146 OSA146DAA5BN 2.0Ghz

DSC_7764 DSC_7765

AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ 2.0Ghz

Dual core CPUs were available for the 939 socket, although it was relatively hard to come by towards the end of Socket 939’s run and were highly sought after on the second hand market. This one is based on the Toledo core design.

DSC_7817 DSC_7818

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