ACME Super Grade

Another one from the “value” side of VHS – this was often found at Woolworths. In an attempt to distinguish it from the “High Grade”, “Extra High Grade” brethren, this one is dubbed “Super Grade”, although there wasn’t really much super about it. It’s an acceptable picture, but not anything special quality wise.

Acme Super Grade Clean E180

The shell is very generic, as are the labels. I suppose you get what you pay for. Most of the variety shop cheapnesses have the same label. Interestingly, the “red” of “red green blue” was replaced with “yellow”. Hmm.

ACME Super Grade E180 Top ACME Super Grade E180 Bottom ACME Super Grade E180 Spine

There were some cassettes with black hub clips to distinguish them from the regular “Extra High Grade”. These had coarser grid-patterns on the front face but were otherwise just as generic.

Acme Super Grade E180 Black Clip Top Acme Super Grade E180 Black Clip Bottom

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