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Testing: Unbranded 1.44Mb USB 100-floppy emulator

Following on from my earlier review, I decided to hook it up to the Kryoflux to get a little more information on how it presents itself to a host. One thing I did notice was the need to cut the … Continue reading

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Review: Unbranded 1.44Mb USB 100-floppy emulator

After covering a bucket-load of information about saving floppy disks using the Kryoflux, my friend George asked me whether I had used, or come across, a floppy disk emulator which uses a USB stick as the storage media and whether … Continue reading

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Project Kryoflux – Part 5: Making use of the Images

Okay, so after all of that, you have your images – but what to do next? It may not be obvious to all, so I felt like I should at least make a little note about how to deal with … Continue reading

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Project Kryoflux – Part 4: The Hidden Secrets

The previous part made a passing mention about hidden data from duplicators nested in Track 80 (the 81st track) – so in this segment, I’ll be focusing on just what other things can be unearthed. This will look at data … Continue reading

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Project Kryoflux – Part 3: Recovery in Practice

If you’ve been following along with my previous parts, you can probably already gather that I’m quite enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by the Kryoflux device and doing some “digital archaeology”. But I should probably note (before I get thwacked … Continue reading

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Project Kryoflux – Part 2: Why Bother with it?

The Kryoflux isn’t expensive, but then again, it’s not exactly disposably cheap. Floppy disks have long been obsoleted, so why even bother with it? Is it really worth it? As alluded to in the previous part, getting access to data … Continue reading

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Project Kryoflux – Part 1: The Board and Associated Hardware

It’s 2013 – and the floppy disk is extinct. Floppy drives are no longer sold at computer stores, motherboards have almost all completely eliminated the onboard interface. Computer cases are beginning to lose their 3.5″ front facing bays, and USB … Continue reading

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Tech Flashback: 50 ways to use your ZIP disk

I was rummaging around my room the other day, to find what appeared to be pristine, new in box ZIP 100 disk. Here’s the insert, still unmarked. You can see the perforated line where users would tear off that segment … Continue reading

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Further Cityrail Live Data Analysis

After my previous efforts to visualize the train data I had recorded over a day, I said I wasn’t going to spend time to analyze it further – but why not? I already have most of the parsing C figured … Continue reading

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Site Update: Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me! Gee time flies – I’m now 24 … I can’t really believe it. Happy birthday to me! But then again, today will be a regular day – another day at uni. Anyway – it’s about time … Continue reading

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Visualizing Recorded Cityrail Live Train Data on Google Earth

The other day, I showed just how different transport applications query for and receive their live train data. Of course, this data begged to be appropriated – so I set myself a little challenge to visualize it. The first thing … Continue reading

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Review: Manson HCS-3102 1-36v/0-5A Switch-Mode Benchtop Power Supply

One of the most basic pieces of test equipment in the arsenal of an Electrical Engineer is the humble benchtop power supply. While I have gotten away with using old plugpacks, AT/ATX power supplies as surrogates, they have never had … Continue reading

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Checking it out: Cityrail Real-Time Train Information

It seems like a miracle of our state government – in such a short space of time, public transport services are getting more convenient than ever and the data collection and access is seemingly no longer a problem. The modernization … Continue reading

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Kogan Mobile and Aldi Mobile – apples from the same tree

While some people have been having success with Kogan Mobile, there have been a fairly vocal group of users who were kicked from the network for “overusage” on suspicion of business activity or that sort of thing. Kinda hard to … Continue reading

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Salvage: Kodak Professional RFS3600 Film Scanner

This post has been a while in the making – despite salvaging this a while back from my “regular place of salvage”, I wasn’t ready to make a post about it until much later. As you can see, this was … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB 3.0 Hub from eBay

Compared to USB 2.0, USB 3.0 is a miracle long overdue. USB 3.0 ups the physical layer rate from the 480Mbit/s to a more reasonable 5Gbit/s – and is on its way to 10Gbit/s, while alleviating shortcomings in power delivery … Continue reading

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Quick Test: E-Blue Professional Printable 6x 25Gb BD-R (UMEBDR-016)

E-Blue is not one of those companies which many would hear about unless they lived in Hong Kong. I’ve only ever seen their brand in Hong Kong, but in general, their reputation has always been that of a media rebadger … Continue reading

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