Raks SQ

I remember purchasing this cassette as a once-off from Coles. For a short time, they stocked both Raks SQ E-180s and Raks HQ E-300s, and I purchased one of each. Unfortunately, I have no idea where my E-300 is, but here’s the (quite battered) SQ E-180.

Raks SQ E180

The quality of the cassette is good, both in performance and physical build quality. I probably should have purchased more of these … and yes, the windows are tinted slightly green, as are the reels with their very fancy cut-outs. The original label is applied, and the cassette shape moulding seems custom for them.

Raks SQ E180 Top

Raks SQ E180 Bottom

The side of the cassette has ribs as a distinguishing feature.

Raks SQ E180 Side



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