Week 1: DSE, Tandy, Acer, IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Sony

Welcome to the first part of the VHS Clip Library. Each week, I will be putting up a selection of clips from my digitized VHSes, the majority were recorded off the air and feature the full complement of analog TV impairments, as well as VHS impairments given the age. Most of the clips will be ads – it seems the ads of this era are a lot more interesting – especially for historic and nostalgic value.

Tandy [October 1999]

The “you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers” campaign was very memorable, and came towards the end of Tandy’s run. Fun fact? I worked at Tandy Blacktown Westpoint for work experience when I was in high school.

They also used their sponsored program messages to “specialize” and advertise themselves as “your telephone store”.

Also, as your “battery power station”.

Dick Smith Electronics [October 1999]

This was Dick Smith Electronics’ campaign at the time, I still remember the “that’s where you go” slogan. This one had me saying “Whoa, were Lego Mindstorms kits that expensive!?!”

Acer – We Hear You (Travelmate 340 series) [2000]

This ad I don’t remember as well, neither do I remember Acer’s slogan being “we hear you”, but the characteristic Intel Pentium sound features in this ad. It seemed ads of the day made full use of innuendo …

IBM eCommerce [October 1999]

Seeing as the Year 2000 was a big tech boom year, almost every respectable tech company ended up running TV adverts that year. IBM was no exception – this ad was novel for using all foreign language voices, and having subtitles. It was a pretty well-done ad, with the constant blue letterboxing reminding you of the brand before you even see the end.

Apple iMac Indigo [2000]

In what will go down in history as another iconic Macintosh, the iMac always looked cool with its translucent plastic shell, and all in one integrated form factor. I used to see many of these machines in my high school computer labs. The advertisement solely features on the look, and gives you the price. Contrast this with …

Apple Macintosh [1986]

… one of the oldest ads in my VHS collection, an ad for the Macintosh Plus and Laserwriter which solely focuses on its functionality instead. What a long way we’ve come. Through the years, the thing that sells these computers have completely changed.

Microsoft Windows 2000 [2000]

I didn’t have much recollection of this one, and in fact, it’s a little cringeworthy. Microsoft uses this ad to push Windows 2000, for eCommerce.

Sony Wega TV [October 1999]

Screaming the phrase “It’s a Sony!” was because of this campaign. This one was for the first flat-screen CRT TV, branded Wega (i.e. their premium line).

That’s all for this week, see you again next week with more clips!

2 Responses to Week 1: DSE, Tandy, Acer, IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Sony

  1. turnkit says:

    Sony WEGA not Vega. Great collection! 🙂

    • lui_gough says:

      Thanks for that, and your other comments. This site has been partially archived by the Wayback Machine at archive.org, although it seems they take their time to do their crawls. Don’t worry – I don’t intend to take it down, but I suppose that nobody really ever intends for those kinds of things to happen.

      Thanks for the correction, I’ve fixed it now. I do have many more, but very little time to attend to it all. Hopefully I’ll find some time to upload some more VHS goodness!

      – Gough

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