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Anyone who has owned a substantial number of VHS cassettes will recognize that each brand has its own styling. The shells often have subtle differences and the cut-outs and clips in the reels are different.

Further to this, each brand has many confusing grades of cassettes emblazoned with letters like HX, GX, S-HGX, HS, CD, DX, etc. There were also many meaningless and confusing graphs often produced to try and lure you into purchasing their particular brand of blank tape.

This was a quintessential part of the VHS era, so in a similar spirit to the C-90 project which posts pictures of audio cassettes, under this category, I will post images of the sleeves and cassettes in my collection.

This is going to be slowly built up over time, as I work through the pile of tapes, and get time to scan in and post the different unique cassettes in my collection. Check back for more as time goes on.

Call for Cassettes: If you have VHS cassettes with different jackets or shell designs that you’re going to dispose of, even if they are not clean, get in touch with me by e-mail. I will happily accept donations of VHS cassettes to add to this library!


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  1. turnkit says:

    Great list and scan. Please post an thumbnail index if possible.

    Here are a few more, inc. odd brands:

    And here some pre-VHS video tape handling advice:

    Thanks for the blog.

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