Maxell GX

The Maxell GX is a long lived series of cassettes. I’m sure I’ve seen earlier sleeves, but here are the ones currently in my possession.

Maxell GX Old

This is a real Maxell Japan shell. It’s very distinctive with its cross-hatching.

Maxell GX E180 Top

Maxell GX E180 Bottom

They are made of very sturdy hard plastic with distinct diagonal hatching patterns. The bottom also has a license number, likely related to the need to license the VHS design from Victor Company of Japan (JVC).

This is the spine of the later one with the original label attached.

Maxell GX E180 Spine

It is likely all the above were made in Japan, high quality stuff.

There was also a later relatively plain blue sleeve, although I don’t have the cassette that was inside this one.

Maxell GX Blue-White

Another quality cassette in my experience, but as it is a later model GX, this is not as distinct as earlier cassettes. The paper sleeve artwork is quite attractive.

Maxell GX New E180

The cassette is not very distinct with the two-holes by three prongs cut-out being very standard, as is the message on the flap and cross-hatched surface, although the brand is moulded into the tape cover. The original label is still applied on this cassette.

Maxell GX New E180 Top

The underside isn’t very special either. It’s quite generic.

Maxell GX New E180 Bottom

The difference can be seen in the coded print on the spine – assembled in Malaysia appears in the labelling area and was a characteristic of these cassettes.

Maxell GX New E180 Spine

The label provided for the spine was a little smaller than regular ones.

Maxell GX E240 Spine

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