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Review: Samsung 128Gb EVO Plus microSDXC Card (MB-MC128G)

During my recent trip to Hong Kong, there was ample reason to get myself a few more microSD cards. They’re just so ubiquitous nowadays, and prices are coming down. As a result, I scoured all of Golden Computer Centre looking … Continue reading

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Netflix Uses My VHS Cassette Images Without Permission

Update: Matter fully resolved. Case closed! Updates at the end of article. Maybe you’re aware of Netflix, maybe you even have a subscription for their services. You might have also heard of or watched a series called Stranger Things, produced … Continue reading

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Teardown: Generic QC2.0 15W Charger (TCAU15U-050912)

Owing to the growing market-share of Qualcomm devices sporting Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 capabilities, the market for such devices has grown substantially. As part of reviewing some power banks with QC-capabilities, it would not be possible to assess their … Continue reading

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Moments to Disaster: Hard Drive Failure & SMART Data

While I was away on holiday, blissfully enjoying my time outdoors, I wasn’t aware that a disaster was brewing at home. I got a message from my brother that his machine had started making a clicking noise, and it was … Continue reading

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USB Connector Resistance: Another reason for slow phone/tablet charging

It was back in 2014 when I first published about USB cable resistance as one reason why your phone or tablet might be charging slowly. At the time, quality cables with good gauge wires were hard to find, and many … Continue reading

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Event: BoM Space Weather Users Workshop (16 – 17 Nov 2017)

Usually, I tend to make an effort to make a few postings throughout the weekends, but this weekend has been a little bit of an exception. That’s because on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th November, I attended the Bureau of … Continue reading

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Repair (?): ICOM IC-R75 that won’t turn on!

Returning home from holidays is not easy. In some sense, I’d like to call it a holiday hangover. You start walking on the wrong side of the road, sleeping at odd hours, and in perpetual need of energy to unpack … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Mi Power Bank Pro 10000mAh QC3.0 (PLM03ZM)

At the beginning of the year, I took at trip which included visiting Hong Kong where I managed to pick up a Mi Power Bank Pro and review it. At the end of the review, I expressed the futility of … Continue reading

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Teardown: Generic CX-FU02+ USB SoftV92 Data Fax HSF Modem

My tech shopping in Hong Kong continues with more goodies. One of the things I was on the lookout for was the last of the dial-up modem. Rather unsurprisingly, for such an advanced country, it’s almost impossible to find any … Continue reading

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Random: Tech Shopping in Hong Kong – A Treasure Hunt?

When many people go overseas, one of the things they most look forward to is to do some shopping. I’m generally not like that – I absolutely abhor shopping. But there is one exception – tech shopping. This year, I’ve … Continue reading

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Repair, Teardown: Edimax IC-1520DP Network Camera

A long time ago … maybe even eight years ago in 2009 … a computer shop I was shopping at had a network camera on sale for the low low price of AU$30 and I decided to buy it just … Continue reading

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Problem: Agilent Technologies U1173A Compatibility with Windows 10

For Christmas in 2014, I decided to get myself a decent multimeter which could do data logging. This turned out to be the Agilent U1241B, along with a U1173A for USB to IR connectivity. At the time, the cable was … Continue reading

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Quick Review: IKEA Lunnom 600lm 5.5W 2200K LED Filament Globe

In the last few years, it seemed that carbon-filament style globes grew drastically in popularity for mood lighting in many commercial and home settings. Their warm orange glow is distinctive, and nostalgic. While the government in Australia had done a … Continue reading

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Opinion: The Difficulty Behind a “Simple” Recommendation

I suppose now that I do have my PhD, it’s time for me to wax lyrical about some of my thoughts and opinions. In this posting, I’ll be addressing the difficulty behind a “simple” recommendation – because everyone has time … Continue reading

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Review: Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance 8Tb Hard Drive (ST8000VX0022)

No matter how much storage you have, given enough time, you’ll always need more. As part of my new build, I decided to follow my standard procedure of upgrading part of my storage to larger, new drives for increased speed, … Continue reading

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Quick Review: Samsung 960 EVO 1Tb M.2 NVMe SSD (MZ-V6E1T0)

I’m sure by now that you don’t need convincing that the Samsung 960-series M.2 NVMe SSDs are awesome drives. Just looking at SSD market share alone, Samsung takes the cake, and the 960 are used almost universally among high performance … Continue reading

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Farewell: TBS TBS6925 Professional PCIe Satellite Tuner Card

As a hobbyist with an interest in chasing satellite feeds, my TBS TBS6925 Professional Satellite Tuner Card was my dependable companion. Around AU$250 a piece, I purchased two back in 2011 and two years later, got around to reviewing it. … Continue reading

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Project: A Major Upgrade to My Workstation

Over the past two years, I’ve been seriously thinking about upgrading my workstation for a number of reasons. Despite this, I could never actually make the commitment, as my computing needs are quite high and the investment would be sizeable. … Continue reading

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An Incomplete Repair: BladeRF x40 Software-Defined Radio

My last trip to Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong kept me away from home for 80 days, in which time I thoroughly enjoyed doing things I couldn’t otherwise do from home. Despite arriving back home almost a month ago, it … Continue reading

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