Fuji AG

The Fuji AG was a relatively late cassette to my collection, but it was very high quality. It had a plain plastic sleeve, sturdy construction and quiet mechanism.

Fuji AG E180

The cassette itself has an SKC-like deep hatching, although it probably wasn’t made by them. The Fuji AG branding is printed onto the flap. The reels themselves are a little special, as they seem to have the SKC “small” clip, but use a two-slot, three prong design similar to generics. The rear plastic is much more translucent and has thickness variation which is evident as colour differences. The reel lock slots are also moderately widely spaced. Maybe SKC had an involvement? The original labels are affixed in the below images.

Fuji AG E240 Top

Fuji AG E240 Bottom

Fuji AG E240 Spine

The cassette itself also featured ribbing on the sides.

Fuji AG E240 Side

One special characteristic of this cassette is the use of a nylon top roller on both sides, instead of the polished stainless that is common amongst most other cassettes.

Fuji AG E240 Tape Path

It’s definitely a quality cassette!

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