Teac X-2

Another relatively late cassette, interestingly, this one claims to be High Definition – this meant something else back then. Also interesting is the claim of New Paper Jacket Version which could only mean worse, as plastic jackets were the sign of quality. This one features several graphs which have distorted scales … just another sales pitch. The incomplete sentence is very apparent too – “Cassette design ensures low mechanical running noise, thus giving prolonged tape.”

TEAC X-2 E180

The design of the cassette is notably Teac given the rectangular shape hatching and wide “wings” cut-out on the clear reel plate. Most generic ones using a similar shape design have smaller “wings”. The brand appears to be printed onto the flap. Original label is applied.

Teac X-2 E180 Top

The underside being completely hatched in rectangles, rather than being half-smooth re-confirms the Teac heritage of this cassette. The rectangular mould area being not-centred is another Teac characteristic.

Teac X-2 E180 Bottom

Finally, the spine with the original label.

Teac X-2 E180 Spine

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