Ricoh were always a trustworthy optical disc manufacturer, but unfortunately, they also exited the market somewhat early. I used many of their CD-Rs in the early days, and they have stood the test of time very well. Unfortunately, I have no idea where most of them went. Their DVD+Rs also have a very much unimpeachable reputation.

Ricoh 8x 74 minute CD-R

I only have the rear cover, but it is quite interesting because of the amount of work they have done to verify cross-compatibility of the media.

Ricoh 8x DVD+R

Very good quality discs and very similar to the original 4x RICOHJPNR01 except for the extra laser etched code in the middle. The original discs were often overspeedable to 8x anyway. Unsurprisingly, the media code for this disc is RICOHJPN-R02-03.

Ricoh 4x DVD+RW

One of the best DVD+RW discs I’ve used, with a media code of RICOHJPN-W11-01.