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Project: DSE K5415 Video Fader & Wiper Kit (EA 4/98)

This weekend’s been quite a busy one, especially as I’m starting to sink my teeth into a number of RoadTest reviews. But it turns out that this weekend is also the weekend in which I have have finally come to … Continue reading

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Fake: Hoya PRO1 Digital UV Filter

Recently, having purchased a new lens (even though it was only a kit lens), I thought it would be a good idea to protect the front element with a clear UV filter. While this practice is sometimes debatable as filter … Continue reading

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Beta Tested: Cooee Busways On Demand Public Transport Service

Updates at the end of the article – Busways has launched the Cooee Busways – The Ponds, Schofields and Kellyville Ridge site with further details. Residents in the Hills district have much to celebrate, as after many years of promises, … Continue reading

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long Rnd(): Birthday Analysis, Spoiling Myself, Fixing Stuff, Thrifty Finds, Parking Tickets & More

It’s been a busy long-weekend, but there’s no better post than a “long random” for a long weekend! This time around, it just so happens to be my birthday as well. Happy Birthday to Me? Really? Well, what can I … Continue reading

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Project: DSE K4309 Daytime Running Lights for Cars Kit (SC 8/99)

When it comes to good things, they say moderation is best. Don’t eat all your candy at once, or so they say, but instead I’m diving right in for a Dick Smith Electronics kit overdose. This is kit four of … Continue reading

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Experiment: Charging Ni-MH Batteries with Constant Voltage?

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the following experiments were conducted under controlled conditions. No responsibility will be taken for any outcomes including damages incurred from the use, misuse or inability to use the information that follows. You are responsible for any … Continue reading

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Project: DSE K7220 EA 12/90 Transistor Tester Kit

Two kits? Why not make it three. I’m enjoying this trip down memory road – but this one is rather interesting as well, as I’ve seen some of these units around but never had one of my own. This kit … Continue reading

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Project: DSE K7120 Thermocouple Adaptor for DMMs Kit (SC 12/98)

The trip down memory lane continues with the second Dick Smith Electronics boxed kit that I purchased from the CCARC Wyong Field Day. You could say, I’m on a roll when it comes to these kits … The Kit This … Continue reading

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Project: DSE K5408 Two-Channel Audio Camcorder Mixer Kit

A while back, I stumbled across a number of old Dick Smith kits being sold at the CCARC Wyong Field Day. I promised the seller that I would build the kits (eventually) and they might even make it onto the … Continue reading

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Tested: Mirabella Vintage Style Filament 25W Clear ST58 E27 Decorative Globe

While I have looked at some vintage filament style globes in the past and come to the conclusion that they’re absolutely horrid for energy efficiency, they do have a visual appeal. This week, while rummaging through a thrift store, I … Continue reading

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Review, Test & Teardown: BlitzWolf BW-S6 30W QC3.0 Dual-Port Charger

It’s a bit of a shame that some of the mobile phones out there which have Qualcomm chipsets and are capable of quick charging are shipped with regular “plain old” 5V/2A chargers. As an owner of various Xiaomi phones myself, … Continue reading

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Opinion: Drink Container Recycling – Who “Returns and Earns”?

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote an opinion about something that’s not entirely technology-related, so I guess it’s a good time to write something about drink container recycling, as that’s become something I do sporadically since the … Continue reading

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