Kodak cassettes have mostly performed well in my experience.

This one appears to be one of their higher quality cassettes, as you can tell by its plastic case. It’s a monotonic grey, with gold print. This cassette is an E-180.

Kodak E180

This particular Kodak cassette was very memorable because of its unusual cut-out shape on both the front and rear plates of the reels! That’s not common!

Kodak E180 Top

Unlike a generic cassette, you find the tape cover flap to be devoid of moulded lettering, and Kodak is printed in gold. The ribs on the cassette run horizontally only.

Kodak E180 Bottom

The underside also shows a marked difference – there’s a band of “no ribbing” across the rear, which is also very distinct from the other brands.

Kodak E180 Side

The edge of the cassette also features ribs.

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