TDK (8cm DVD-R & DVD-RW)

At one stage, portable camcorders which recorded directly to mini 8cm DVDs were popular for convenience reasons, and TDK was one of the brands providing such media. Even though I never owned such a camcorder, I had an interest in the media so I purchased a few just for fun.

TDK 2x 8cm DVD-R

The discs come in a miniature jewel case and are specified for 1-2x recording and 1.4Gb capacity on a single layer. This particular disc also has Durabis1, a hard coating that resists scratches, dust and UV light to improve lifetime in the case of rough handling. This was the predecessor to Durabis2, the hard coat that you find on most Blu-ray media today. While it is designed for handheld video cameras, it is possible to record it on desktop drives in some cases. The MID is TDKG02000000.

TDK 2x 8cm DVD-RW

This is the rewriteable version of the above disc, and has an MID of TDK502sakuM3.