Polaroid High Standard

Polaroid was a company more famous for its films and instant cameras, but they also lent their brand to a variety of other products. One of them is VHS cassettes – this one dubbed the “HS” for High Standard. Maybe that was a bit of a jab at TDK which also has a line called HS.

Polaroid High Standard E180

The cassettes were unique in shell design – in their ribbing and stamping of the VHS logo.

Polaroid High Standard E180 Top

You could almost claim it was a JVC based on the location of the VHS logo and the arrow on the flap and the shape of the clips, or at least, that is my hunch.Polaroid High Standard E180 Bottom

In fact, the underside ribbing is pretty much exactly as the JVC Excellent Resolution, with the exception that the mould now contains a license number instead (to throw you off).

Polaroid High Standard E180 Rollers

There is a difference, however – this cassette uses a black plastic roller for the top roller.

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