Socket AM2 (AMD)

Socket AM2 was originally known as M.2, although was renamed due to trademark issues. This socket replaced Socket 754 and Socket 939, and introduced DDR2 RAM to the Athlon64 and Sempron families. This socket has 940 pins, but is incompatible with Socket 940 (a server version of Socket 939 with an additional pin for ECC). This particular socket has been superseded by Socket AM2+ offering a faster HyperTransport link.

The thermal solutions supplied for Socket AM2 are similar to those for Socket 754 and Socket 939 with the exception of a change to the mounting clip, as the mounting frame of Socket AM2 is different to that of the previous generations despite being of the same size.

AMD Sempron 64 3000+ SDA3000IAA3CN 1.6Ghz

DSC_7762 DSC_7763

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