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Experiment: Charging Ni-MH Batteries with Constant Voltage?

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the following experiments were conducted under controlled conditions. No responsibility will be taken for any outcomes including damages incurred from the use, misuse or inability to use the information that follows. You are responsible for any … Continue reading

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Project: “Generic” USB 5V/500mA Charger Kit

When it comes to power supplies, the standardisation of USB has made it the ubiquitous choice for many mobile and portable devices. As a result, you probably have an abundance of spare USB power supplies to charge or power your … Continue reading

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Opinion: Finding a Decent EU to AU (Reverse) Travel Adapter

In the global marketplace that is the world of internet shopping, being able to buy things overseas has become a lot easier. Rather than having to take a holiday to another country and carry the items back, someone online is … Continue reading

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Teardown: Eveready General Purpose (No. 909) 6V Carbon-Zinc Lantern Battery

While going around the house looking for things to bin, I came across an old broken “dolphin-style” torch with missing parts. Of the parts that remained, the metal had oxidised and fatigued so much that the contacts to the switch … Continue reading

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Tested: MINI-360 (MP2307-based) “3A” Buck Converter Module

As mentioned in my earlier Canton-Power buck-boost module review, voltages from batteries are rarely exactly the voltages you need to safely and reliably power your electronic creations. While that converter was rather acceptable, the efficiency wasn’t exactly stellar. In the … Continue reading

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Analysis: Mains Power Quality – Voltage, Frequency & Crest Factor (10-19 May 2018)

A little more than two weeks ago, I was sitting at home in front of my computer going about my business as usual, when suddenly … the lights flicker, everything around me made an intermittent 50Hz buzz like morse code … Continue reading

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Repair: Bauhn Remote Controlled Power Point & AKAI TV Remote Control

Returning from holidays, my Dad often has surprises for me. This time, it was a few items that needed attention – the first of which was three Bauhn Remote Controlled Power Point units with various faults, and the other was … Continue reading

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Random: Birthday, Reflections, Taronga, CeBIT & the Kitchen Sink

#include <stdio.h> int main (void) { printf(“Hello World!”); return(0); } It’s been quiet. Too quiet. Sorry for that. While I did say I was going on holidays and would be on a hiatus, I didn’t expect it to be a … Continue reading

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Repair: Click Surge-Protected & Sansai Switched 4-Outlet Powerboards

Powerboards are very simple and inexpensive devices used to convert one socket into multiple sockets on a (supposedly) temporary basis. Every house has a number of these devices, with basic devices simply bussing together the pins and more complex devices … Continue reading

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RoadTest Review: Texas Instruments TPS56C215EVM-762 Evaluation Module

It’s new year’s eve and I’m busy working away. Why you ask? Well, I’ve been fortunate enough to be the recipient of another RoadTest item – this time, it’s a Texas Instruments Evaluation Module. The module in specific is the … Continue reading

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DIY: Wallplate Switch Mechanism Replacement & Teardown

The DIY category of posts was meant for me to post about the random odd-jobs around the house that might need to be done from time to time. As it turns out, there often aren’t that many jobs – sometimes … Continue reading

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Reverse Eng Pt 2: Watts Clever Easy-Off w/SMART Box (ES-AUS1103)

Continuing on from my last post about the Watts Clever Easy-Off Sockets with Smart Box, there were a few things still bugging me in the back of my head. After all, they do advertise that their other system has >1 … Continue reading

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Review: Three Cheap Unbranded 1×18650 “DIY” Power Banks

A common theme I hear from readers is “well, those cheap power banks are rubbish, so why don’t I build my own?” I suppose that is not a bad thought, although designing one properly takes a bit of skill and … Continue reading

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Reverse Eng: Watts Clever Easy-Off Sockets w/SMART Box (ES-AUS1103)

Internet-of-things and home automation seem to be the cool thing nowadays, and remote controlling things is something many have been dabbling with, sometimes rather unsafely. Imagine my surprise when I walk into a Jaycar, and see a kit of IR-and-RF … Continue reading

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Teardown: A Failed PAG024F 12V 2A Power Adapter

This week, my internet connected was knocked out for about an hour after achieving a record 60+ days continuous uptime. The cause was quickly traced down to a failed power supply which runs my ADSL2+ modem resulting in a boot-loop. … Continue reading

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Big-Random: Public Transport, UNSW Electrical Upgrades & Vending Machines

It’s been ages since I put out one of these random posts filled with random observations. That hasn’t stopped me collecting random observations, although the pace of collection had slowed down as I wasn’t sure if I would ever get … Continue reading

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Power Outage 30th Jan 2016: Severe weather batters Sydney

The words global warming and climate change are often said too quickly when it comes to the short term phenomena known as weather. The past fortnight, however, has been one of extremes in Sydney. Many days start off nice and … Continue reading

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Teardown, Accuracy Testing: LP7663 Kill-a-Watt-clone Power Usage Meter

Sometimes when I mention an idea, I will quickly become fixated on it and try to flesh it out as best as I can. Just yesterday, I was mentioning about how low-cost power usage meters can mislead, and today, I’m … Continue reading

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Teardown: A Failed Efergy Elite (Classic) 1.0 Energy Monitor

As part of a push to drive the home’s electricity consumption down and better understand how energy was being utilized, I installed a clamp-style wireless energy monitor from Efergy in the house. Operating over 433Mhz, the transmissions were also useful … Continue reading

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Standby/No-Load Power Consumption: Are we doing it right?

The issue of energy efficiency has always been an issue with electrical appliances. With increasing adoption of ever-cheaper appliances, energy rating labelling initiatives and minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for a range of products have been put into place to … Continue reading

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Friday 13th November 2015: The Night the Power Went Out

Friday the 13th, commonly known as Black Friday, is believed to bring bad luck. While I’m not a superstitious person, and I don’t believe in a fear of the number 13, it seems that something was special about this Friday. … Continue reading

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Teardown: Failed Asus eeePC 701 Netbook Power Supply (AD59230)

I’m not sure how many people today will remember the Asus eeePC 701, arguably, one of the earliest netbooks which drove the concept to its eventual boom. The 701 featured a stripped down specification, originally intending to be reminiscent of … Continue reading

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Melbourne Cup Day: A Grid Frequency Analysis

Another year, and another “race that stops the nation.” While I’m not of the betting sort, and I didn’t really get into it as such, it’s almost a tradition that no matter where you are, at 3pm on the first … Continue reading

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