Teac X-1

Teac cassettes were very common in our collection, after the HX, the X-1 seemed to be the one we got most. Unfortunately, the X-1 was quite “cheap” in the sense that they didn’t put much attention to the jackets – it’s as plain as can be!

TEAC X-1 E180

There were actually two distinct shell designs which were sold under the X-1 name. The first design was a bit of an oddball one, as it departs from the norm with many different ridges, however the reels are classic Teac.

TEAC X-1 E180 Top

TEAC X-1 E180 Bottom

It’s quite special, and even the side is ribbed.

TEAC X-1 E180 Side

Finally, here is the spine with original label.

TEAC X-1 E180 Spine

The other shell I’ve seen X-1’s come in, is the same that is used for Teac’s S-HGX and some tape they seem to OEM for others.

TEAC X-1 E150 Top

TEAC X-1 E150 Bottom

In fact, you’ll see quite a bit of the above shell in the collection of cassettes I have. This shell also has been spotted with nylon rollers occasionally:

Teac X-1 Nylon Roller

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