SKC HQ Maxplay Grade

I don’t know about early VHS cassettes, but judging from the packaging of most of the SKC cassettes I’ve dealt with, it seems that durability was a major concern. The SKC HQ Maxplay Grade cassettes have been a very sturdy and reliable performer – the package is quite memorable.

SKC HQ Maxplay Grade E180

It seems that the cassette reels have had minor changes – two variants have been noted in our collection, but the bottom plate is the same on both. The second variant has a clearing in the clear top hub plate where the reel clip is. In both cases, the clear plate is frosted. The cassette has a fairly robust hatching pattern, which is very grippy and distinct.

SKC HQ Maxplay Grade E180 Top 2

SKC HQ Maxplay Grade E180 Top 1

SKC HQ Maxplay Grade E180 Bottom

Finally, here is the spine, with an original label affixed (two variants).

SKC HQ Maxplay Grade Spine 2

SKC HQ Maxplay Grade E180 Spine 1

There was also a (possibly earlier) variant which had a slightly different front and cassette shell, proclaiming the use of a back coating which improves the tape quality.

SKC Maxplay Grade Back Coating E180

SKC Maxplay Grade Back Coating E180 Top

SKC Maxplay Grade Back Coating E180 Bottom

2 Responses to SKC HQ Maxplay Grade

  1. Raven Seldon says:

    Oh the memories… Thanks for uploading! 🙂

  2. loopthrough says:

    The top type with the wide spool cutouts also appeared in the late 90s and early 2000s as JVC (obviously not a JVC) and Konica. I have the JVC EHG HiFi tape still (it was £12.99 for a pack of 3 E180s if I remember correctly!), and I bought it in 1999 in Dixons here in the UK when I was 11! I wonder what the Konica and SKC connection was though.

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