Socket 1 (Intel)

This is where socketed CPUs started. The venerable 486’s of all varieties called Socket 1 home.

Intel i486 SX 25Mhz SX679

DSC_9519 DSC_9520

Lower cost CPU with no FPU, clocked at 25Mhz rather than the 33Mhz of the DX (with FPU) counterpart.

Intel i486 DX2 66Mhz SX762

DSC_9517 DSC_9518

Late 486 CPU with FPU, internal clock running at a multiplier of 2 for a clock rate of 66Mhz with outside bus running at 33Mhz.

Intel OverDrive DX2 50Mhz SZ934

DSC_9521 DSC_9522

Intel Overdrive CPUs were often sold as “plug in” upgrades for older systems, and were very similar in terms of performance. They were sold with permanently attached heatsink. This one appears to be a clock doubled version, running at 50Mhz, so ideal for upgrading boards running the original 486SX-25.

Intel OverDrive DX2 66Mhz SZ904

DSC_9523 DSC_9524

Another upgrade CPU, this one probably better suited to upgrading boards originally running with 486DX-33s.

2 Responses to Socket 1 (Intel)

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  2. Andiy says:

    I486 dx2 66MHz my first processor with 16mb sdram on win 3.1 later 95. Old memories of that beast.

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