Philips HG

The Philips HG were a memorable series of cassettes as we bought them in bulk packs and they had a very strong, saturated blue cover with ample note space on the back. It’s a sign of designing a product practically in that sense.

Philips HG E180

But that’s where the practicality stopped. In fact, this bulk set of cassettes was used to deliver the promotional footage for Australia’s first Pay TV provider, Galaxy TV. Unfortunately, it had been recorded over, so I don’t have a copy of the promo, but I did feel it to be a little sad to think that the tape had already been used when you had bought it. The labels they provided didn’t cover the full length of the spine either, which wasn’t very sensible.

Philips HG E180 Galaxy Top

Philips HG E180 Galaxy Spine

The residue from the label applied over is still visible on the spine. This particular cassette also has several characteristic design aspects – the cover flap area is slightly thinner, the brand is moulded in, the cassette grip is modified, the transparent reel plate is frosted, and the rear reel slots are cut at larger intervals than normal. Unusually, for this cassette, you can see the reels are subtly different in the hub area too.

Philips HG E180 Bottom Odd

The non-promotional cassettes in the pack (there would only be one promotional cassette per pack) instead had clean tops.

Philips HG E180 Blank Top

The spine is sometimes clean and other times has a blue-label pre-applied which cannot be written on.

Philips HG E180 Blank Spine

Philips HG E180 Spine

Note that the blue label has been pasted over by an EMTEC BASF label which was not supplied with the HG series tapes!

Philips HG E180 Bottom Same

At least these ones had the same reel hubs. Interestingly is that the moulded ridges travel in the opposite direction (vertically) as compared to other cassettes (which normally have them horizontal).

There was an earlier cardboard sleeve for this particular cassette – its wording “for video pleasure” was quite suggestive.

Philips High Grade Old E180

2 Responses to Philips HG

  1. Sebastian says:

    I’ve got one of the earlier ones, haha you’re right, they almost wanted you to record weird stuff to them, nice site btw!

  2. Gerry says:

    I favored the Philips HG series of cassettes as they produced the best picture and sound on my vcr.

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