The NEC VHS cassettes we got in Australia were always a bit interesting. They all claimed to be for NEC Home Electronics Australia, which implies that the NEC around the world can be different.

I managed to find two different NEC tapes inside my collection. The first was inside a black plastic sleeve.

NEC Plastic E180

The cassette shell itself and reel were immediately recognizable as a rebadged latter example of the Teac X-1 (or S-HGX which shared the same characteristics).

NEC Plastic E180 Top

NEC Plastic Bottom

The spine label was a bit different though.

NEC Plastic E180 Spine

The second NEC tape was actually missing – I had only the cassette paper box to it. It’s almost identically bland as the Teac X-1.

NEC Paper E180

I however, do remember that it had the same oddball shape as the Teac X-1 cassette (first example) as it was memorable – except for the flap printing was changed to include NEC as a brand.

Again, we see, NEC merely OEMed cassettes from Teac. Teac must have been a very popular supplier.

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