This was a pretty rare cassette in our collection. We just didn’t buy many of them, but it seemed that there was a bit of a “craze” at one stage to offer E-150 cassettes labelled as TV. I’m not sure exactly why the 2.5 hour length was considered appropriate for TV, but they were often said to be ideal for recording a movie off TV.

In light of that, why not just use an E-180 and have some blank tape spooled at the end?

TDK TV E150 Clean

The cassette itself has a very traditional, horizontally ribbed shell, which is a characteristic of TDK, along with the golden foil print on the flap. As an “older” original Made in Japan TDK, the hub clip is red – the newer ones have changed to a grey/white colour instead.

TDK TV E150 Top

Noticeably, as a slight departure from what has been common for many other cassettes, the clear plastic hub plate does not feature any cut-out above the hub clip. This can make unclipping and re-clipping tape to the hub a little more challenging.

TDK TV E150 Bottom

As part of the tradition of older TDK cassettes being a little different, notice how two screw positions (top left, top right) are different on this TDK shell as compared to the others? That’s TDK!

TDK TV E150 Spine

And here’s the spine – manufacturer code printed in light grey/blue ink. The label features a dotted grid, a TDK staple, and I had to do some work to “clone out” all of the text (hence the blotching). It’s more aesthetically pleasing this way.

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