I only have one example of this in my collection, but it exudes quality. The cover is plastic, and isn’t adorned by any needless frills.

Akai Black E180

The cassette shell itself is made of glossy black solid hard plastic, with a weightiness to it that’s hard to describe. The windows are tinted blue and the the reels are unique.

Akai Black E180 Top Akai Black E180 Bottom

The label of on the side was obscured by another label over the branding. Oh well.

Akai Black E180 Spine

A second sample was found in the collection, which was subtly different as it had a narrower flap. The hubs are very similar though.

Akai Slim Flap E180 Top Akai Slim Flap E180 Bottom Akai Slim Flap E180 Spine

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