Laser are a local company which got its big break from selling optical discs at low prices. Some of their products were pretty decent, although others were a bit low-quality. They diversified into selling other mobile accessories as well.

Laser 32x 80 minute CD-R

This is a slimline cased CD-R, hence only the front card in the packaging. The font of the rear text looks a little amateurish, and the branding of “Premium Gold” seems misleading. In this case they mean the use of a “gold” dye rather than a gold reflective layer. The ATIP is 97m32s19f (Prodisc Technology) with a capacity of 79m59s74f.

Laser 12x 80 minute CD-RW

This is an example of an 80 minute high speed CD-RW, but surprisingly, it comes with a printable surface. Given the rewritable nature of the disc, it seems a little strange to have a printable surface. The ATIP is 97m27s00f (Digital Storage Technology Co.) with a capacity of 79m59s74f.

Bulkpak DVD+R DL

While this doesn’t have the Laser branding on the front, Bulkpak is a Laser Co brand. Interestingly, while they are individually jewel cased, the discs come in a pack of five. The front card actually has 5 pack printed on it, and a capacity of 8.4Gb rather than the more commonly accepted value of 8.5Gb. The recording speed is not stated on the package. There is no printing on the back of the front inlay, and despite being packaged in a full size jewel case, there is no included rear card. The disc has a printable surface which extends extremely close to the spindle hole. The media code is RICOHJPN-D01-67, which doesn’t seem to be as widely supported as Verbatim or Ritek codes, but my NEC burner seems to claim support for 4x, 6x or 8x writing.