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Salvaged: eX-power 75Wh Laptop/USB Power Bank

Sometimes it pays to hang around various tertiary institutions. Case in point, when earlier this week, a group was moving out of their old lab into a new one. Events like these are often the impetus for a proper clean-up … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: TP-Link Archer T2UHP AC600 High Power USB Adapter

I had looked at a relatively cheap dual-band 802.11ac dual-stream USB Wi-Fi adapter recently and it seemed that the pain of single-band Wi-Fi solutions may be soon coming to an end. Unfortunately, that adapter did have some design quirks and … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Unbranded 4-port USB 3.0 Type-C Hub (T-511C/K-UH301)

There comes a time when, if you’re like me, you run out of USB ports on your main computer. Like it or not, almost everything connects via USB – for example, I have a webcam, keyboard, mouse, printer (or two), … Continue reading

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Failed Repair: Samsung U28D590D 27″ UHD 4K LCD Monitor

It’s amazing how busy I’ve been lately, to the point that things are just piling up without a chance to get posted. Luckily, it’s now Easter break and I have a little time I can spend catching up. On Thursday, … Continue reading

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Review, Teardown: Unbranded AC1200 Dual-Band USB 3.0 Wi-Fi Adapter

In the short span of about two decades, Wi-Fi went from being a luxury that you would consider a limited alternative to a cabled Ethernet connection, useful for mobile devices only, to something resembling a near-replacement for the cabled Ethernet … Continue reading

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Failed: Okuma CNC Lathe Control IPL 3.5″ Floppy Data Recovery

In mid-January this year, a reader contacted me regarding their set of control floppies for an Okuma CNC lathe. Owing to the age of the equipment, the control program is loaded into volatile SRAM, backed-up by a battery. Every five … Continue reading

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Repair: LG WF-T552A 5.5kg TurboDrum Washing Machine

In what seems to be just another day at the office home, something always manages to need my attention. This time, it was our washing machine which was behaving strangely. This particular machine was an LG WF-T552A TurboDrum 5.5kg with … Continue reading

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A Belated Happy New Year?

“Happy New Year!” There. I said it at long last. But a quarter of the year has already passed, you exclaim loudly at your monitor. It’s bloody March! You’re too late even for the Lunar New Year! Yes, indeed it … Continue reading

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