The VHS Corner

This area will be continually under construction. It is intended to provide a brief overview of the VHS recording system, various clips from commercials from my childhood (for nostalgia) recorded on VHS, and a small library of various brands of VHS cassettes along with their artworks.

This will be uploaded progressively over the whole year, so stay tuned as “The VHS Corner” gets filled.

Come back and visit from time to time – you might find something funny and worthwhile.

The VHS Corner Pages

2 Responses to The VHS Corner

  1. mike says:

    I hope you get fat stacks of cash from netflix.

  2. Rob says:

    Interesting and glad it worked out. To add more intrigue, you may do a reverse google image search on your source image ( and you’ll note that SOOOO many entities have used/are using your image (I assume 99.99% without your consent) that it would be worth you looking at other copyright infringement possibilities. The fact that your image is so saturated may actually explain why the 3rd party creative agency used it….incorrectly assuming it was in public domain, no rights reserved. Good Luck!

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