Sanyo High Grade

I think this one was bought from Woolworths as well, towards the end of VHS’ reign. I’m not sure if this is a “real” Sanyo, as at the time, K-Mart seemed to be selling Sanyo branded products which aren’t particularly “Sanyo” quality or engineering. I think someone may have purchased the branding rights to Sanyo temporarily in the Australian market. This may be one of them.

Sanyo High Grade E180

Sanyo High Grade E240

The cassettes themselves featured generic shells and winged cut-outs, but the cassettes felt light and hollow.

Sanyo HG E180 Top Sanyo HG E180 Bottom

However, the side manufacturer code always involved the letters HG, and the green-print is not very generic at all. The quality was acceptably good too.

Sanyo HG E180 Spine

Another variant with a single-spoke was spotted, and despite its similarities with the Hi-Tech generic cassettes, this one is also a HG as can be seen from the manufacturer’s batch code. Sorry for not rewinding this one though …

Sanyo High Grade E180 Square Top Sanyo High Grade E180 Square Bottom Sanyo High Grade E180 Square Spine

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