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Random: North-West Metro, Swollen Redmi Note 4X, New Sharp Aquos S3 (FS8032) & more

It’s been another busy week – so busy in fact that I can’t see myself doing much in the way of blogging for the next month or two. Between working away on my research, RoadTest reviews and keeping everything running, … Continue reading

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long Rnd(): Birthday Analysis, Spoiling Myself, Fixing Stuff, Thrifty Finds, Parking Tickets & More

It’s been a busy long-weekend, but there’s no better post than a “long random” for a long weekend! This time around, it just so happens to be my birthday as well. Happy Birthday to Me? Really? Well, what can I … Continue reading

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Opinion: Drink Container Recycling – Who “Returns and Earns”?

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote an opinion about something that’s not entirely technology-related, so I guess it’s a good time to write something about drink container recycling, as that’s become something I do sporadically since the … Continue reading

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rnd(): Ghosts in the Air Glow, Networking Woes, Surprise T-Shirt, Opal Receipts & Parking Tickets

It’s been another busy week, as usual, but I guess it’s nice to be occupied. You wouldn’t want to be bored … so I thought it would be a good time to make this “random” post that covers some things … Continue reading

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Random: Hailstorm, Floppy Torture, Earpad Repair & Creative Racking feat. GS724Tv3

It’s rarely the case I don’t get a chance to post until the very end of the weekend, but this week has been one of those weeks. Busyness knows no bounds, made worse when you get some surprise events thrown … Continue reading

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Random: Happy New Year (2019) – Reflections, ABC/TBS Satellite Feed & Other Stuff

Happy New Year everyone! No, it’s not deja vu, we’re in 2019 … despite the blunder that occurred in Sydney’s NYE celebrations. Now that 2019 has arrived, it’s time to reflect on the year that passed and look at the … Continue reading

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Random: Crap Cables, USB Charger Repair, USB “Condom” & Win10 October Update

At last! Another random post … code-word for “frustrations of the past few weeks that don’t quite deserve their own posting”. This time, it’s crap cables (again), repairing a problematic USB charger, building my own USB “condom” and being subject … Continue reading

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Random: Kogan vs Catch Connect LTE Speed, Crap CAT5e, Unboxing RPi3B+

It’s been a while since I wrote my last “random” post, so I thought it was about time to put up another. After all, sometimes there are just some observations that don’t quite warrant their own posting but are still … Continue reading

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Site Update: HTTPS (at last), with a Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Just the other day, an anonymous poster commented on one of my recent posts asking whether I had considered using HTTPS and reminding me that I needed a Privacy Policy due to the use of Google Adsense and Google Analytics. … Continue reading

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Random: 3M Views, Birthday Analysis and Taronga Zoo

“It’s been a while since I last posted.” “A lot has happened since my last posting …” It’s unfortunate, but I’m afraid that this might be the way I start most of my posts in the future. Life has become … Continue reading

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A Belated Happy New Year?

“Happy New Year!” There. I said it at long last. But a quarter of the year has already passed, you exclaim loudly at your monitor. It’s bloody March! You’re too late even for the Lunar New Year! Yes, indeed it … Continue reading

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Random: Tech Shopping in Hong Kong – A Treasure Hunt?

When many people go overseas, one of the things they most look forward to is to do some shopping. I’m generally not like that – I absolutely abhor shopping. But there is one exception – tech shopping. This year, I’ve … Continue reading

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Random: Birthday, Reflections, Taronga, CeBIT & the Kitchen Sink

#include <stdio.h> int main (void) { printf(“Hello World!”); return(0); } It’s been quiet. Too quiet. Sorry for that. While I did say I was going on holidays and would be on a hiatus, I didn’t expect it to be a … Continue reading

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Salvage Season: Pt 6 – Old I/O Boards & Fluorescent Starters

It’s new year’s eve, and I’m back with the last part of the salvage season posts. Just as well, since salvage season is coming to an end as the year is coming to an end. This post looks at some … Continue reading

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Salvage Season: Pt 4 – Lighting & AV Stuff

The salvages continue with lighting and AV related equipment. Of course, some of this isn’t that useful nowadays, but it’s more interesting from a “wish fulfillment” and philosophical perspective. Lighting (with Philosophical “Light-Bulb” Moments) It’s no big secret that LED … Continue reading

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Salvage Season: Pt 3 – Other Computer Hardware

After taking a short breather to prepare all the images for the upcoming few posts, the salvages continue. This part is concerned with “other” computer hardware that I managed to snag. Some of it remains untested, primarily due to a … Continue reading

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Video Glitching: DRM Encryption

I will start just by saying that I’m not a person that has practiced the glitch art form, but having been exposed to some examples of it, it’s not hard to recognize it. The difference is that this particular glitch … Continue reading

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Melb2016: Around the “Den” & Leaving Melbourne (Part 11)

After a long series of posts, my time in Melbourne is just about up. This part covers the tail end of the trip, namely where I stayed and heading out of Melbourne. The “Den” Even though the trip was mostly … Continue reading

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Big-Random: Public Transport, UNSW Electrical Upgrades & Vending Machines

It’s been ages since I put out one of these random posts filled with random observations. That hasn’t stopped me collecting random observations, although the pace of collection had slowed down as I wasn’t sure if I would ever get … Continue reading

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Opal’s New Top-Up Machines and Single-Trip Tickets

Sydney’s long march to a paper-ticket-less transport network just got one step closer with the announcement on 23rd March 2016 that they are trialing new top-up machines with single-trip tickets. While this was always considered as the next step, it’s … Continue reading

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Project FAX is now online!

I suppose readers by now would know that I do love old technology in general, and watching the slow demise of voiceband modems has led me to conceive of a small project I would like to call Project FAX. The … Continue reading

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Random Compu-Maintenance: Dusty PC & Stuck Power Button

Computers and their peripherals around my place are generally reliable, but occasionally some things do happen. As a result, I’ve grouped these two recent happenings into one posting. PC: “… help me!” Just last weekend, my brother barged into my … Continue reading

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Random: Opal Card Stories, Tips & Central Station Upgrades

The Opal Card is an automatic fare collection system based around NXP MiFare DESFire EV1 NFC cards and readers supplied by Cubic Transportation Systems (based on readers on the Oyster card network). It has been in use since December 2012 … Continue reading

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Rand: SSD Dying (or not?), Ankle CT, iMac Temp Sensor Hack, Fake Batteries, More Opal, etc.

It’s been a while since the last random post, so here comes another, which is jam packed with carefully curated observations and events that have occurred since the last posting. Gough’s “almost” heart-attack Before anyone gets too scared, no, this … Continue reading

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Random: Concession Opal, Storage Fails, element14 Blogs, etc.

It’s been an age since I last had the time to write up a random post. Normally, if I’m feeling well, I’d be happy to churn one out every fortnight or thereabouts, but lately, I just didn’t quite have the … Continue reading

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Random: Happy 2nd Anniversary to goughlui.com

In late December, I warned that the site might get a little bit quiet. That wasn’t an empty threat, as for the past month, there really hasn’t been anything new on here. Here’s a little update as to what has … Continue reading

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Mega Random: Merry Christmas, Site Updates, Transport Updates etc.

Gee, it’s been ages since my last random post. Since then, countless security vulnerabilities, mobile OS updates, world news events, scientific discoveries, scandals and wild weather events have happened – so many that it seems pointless to try and even … Continue reading

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Random: Sydney Trains Rail Observations, DTRS Sites, Opal & Other Thoughts

Readers have probably noticed that it’s been awfully quiet as of late. Unfortunately, that quietness coincides with the fact that I’ve been insanely busy with my studies and will be for the foreseeable future. Whenever the time permits, and I’m … Continue reading

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Random Post: Another Sydney Trains Meltdown, TfNSW E-mail Blunder, iOS8, Opal, etc.

It’s been another busy week, but there’s really not that much variety of things to report on. The mind is still clouded with many observations and rants, so lets get them off my chest. Another Sydney Trains Meltdown It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Visited: ElectroneX 2014

ElectroneX is the premier trade show for electronics design and assembly in Australia, and is held in Sydney and Melbourne in alternating years. This year, they were back in Sydney at the Australian Technology Park at Redfern, making it easy … Continue reading

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