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This section is the VHS Clip Library. I’ll be posting, on a near weekly basis, a collection of short clips from VHSes that I have digitized in my library.

All of the clips have been digitized plainly using my 6-head Samsung SV-650B and my empia EM2800U capture card, with no TBC and no software noise reduction at all. Even the head-switching noise hasn’t been masked out, although Youtube seems to mangle the clarity slightly.

Many of the cassettes were recorded on a 4-head or 2-head deck, with monaural audio “for the full VHS experience”. A majority of the clips would be nostalgic advertisements from my childhood, some from companies since defunct.

While it seems sensible that advertisements are made for exposure (so, I hope that exposing them on this site is acceptable), there might be some potential for copyright takedown in the future (after all, I technically don’t own the copyright, although, the digitization and recording is also a part of this art), so enjoy while you can!


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