Verbatim (CD-R & CD-RW)

Verbatim is one of the brands that have been there since my beginnings in CD-recording. They mostly produced high quality media, especially in the early days using their own special AZO dye formulation. These were a brilliant metallic blue, the best sort of colour in case you had a Yamaha [email protected] capable burner (I didn’t) as it has quite good visual contrast. Later AZO dyes became paler, however, later on Verbatim instead rebadged other media under their brand leaving their own products to occupy their higher end DataLifePlus branding. Their affiliation with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and Mitsubishi Kagaku Media means that their discs are likely to be quite identical to Mitsubishi branded discs which were rarely seen.

Verbatim DataLifePlus 16x 74 minute CD-R

This was one of the earlier Verbatim discs I got into contact with, with its lovely AZO Blue recording layer being a vibrant blue. These have proven to be quite reliable in general. The disc has a tacky white top coating for labelling, and its ATIP is 97m34s21f Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.

Verbatim DataLifePlus 16x 80 minute CD-R

I don’t have the disc, only the front inlay, but the only difference between the two is a subtle change to denote the new extended capacity.

Verbatim DataLifePlus 48x 80 minute CD-R

This is a modernized version of the disc updated for higher speed recording with a new Super AZO dye. The new dye is a lot more green than blue, and looks quite similar to cyanine dye. The top has a “crystal coat” but ultimately, this means their branding is merely made by clearings in a clear coat. The ATIP is 97m34s23f (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.) with a capacity of 79m59s73f, one frame short of the maximum.

Verbatim 52x 80 minute CD-R

This is a more modern package CD-R, but is not part of the DataLifePlus series. As a result, at a glance it’s possible to identify it as a CMC Magnetics disc, very common on the market. The ATIP is 97m26s66f (CMC Magnetics Corp.), with a capacity of 79m59s71f, three frames short of the maximum.

Verbatim Digital Vinyl 80 minute CD-R

This is a bit of a novelty CD-R, advertised as a fun way to store your transferred audio. These discs are not “real” vinyl, and merely have a printed design at the top. The central section comes in five different colours, however, owing to the strange design, there isn’t much space left for labelling. At least the disc has the AZO Blue dye. Its ATIP is 97m34s21f (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.) with a capacity of 79m59s74f.

Verbatim 4x 74 minute CD-RW

This was an older design package with the older URL. A discount on backup software was offered. The top surface is a tacky white finish similar to the older Imation discs. The ATIP of 97m34s22f Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.

Verbatim 4x 74 minute CD-RW

This is the newer design, where the tacky white coating on the top of the disc was replaced with a matte paint-like finish. The disc itself remains unchanged, the ATIP of 97m34s22f Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. However, this was a very memorable package for me, as I loved to see the cut-away cross-sectional diagram of the disc labelling each of the layers involved (although I don’t have any idea if it accurately represents the structure of the disc). The backup software offer is no longer included.

Verbatim 12x 80 minute CD-RW

This is a high-speed recordable CD-RW in a slimline case. There is a logo for SERL (Super-Eutectic Recording Layer), a term more often used on the later DVD+/-RW products. The ATIP is 97m34s23f (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.) with a capacity of 79m59s74f.