QTape was a product of QStores, a stationery supply store maintained by the government. These tapes were often found in educational institutions like primary, high schools and TAFE colleges. The branding was often very prominent, maybe to avoid theft. These ones were disposed of, and that’s how I managed to get my hands on it.

QTape E60

The quality of these tapes were middling, with a very generic shell. With short length VHS cassettes, large reels were often used (but not mandatory) to ensure the tape suffers less stress from bending against the splicing tape, and the unevenness of the hub clip – without it, there would be many more creases in a given length which might make it unacceptable to watch.

QTape E60 Top QTape E60 Bottom

There was no batch code on the spine, but as you can see from the poorly fitting paper jacket, the OEM was Silver and Ballard in Australia.

QTape E60 Spine

Different lengths didn’t necessarily come from the same OEMs though. It seems that manufacturing may have been tendered out, as this E180 has a much better paper shell, with silvered-print in the corner and claims to be from Southern Star Duplitek. Unfortunately, it was labelled over and too contaminated to restore digitally, so the writing has been blanked out.

QTape E180

The labels on the cassette are very generic, although the shell and hubs are somewhat special.

QTape E180 Top

QTape E180 Bottom

QTape E180 Spine

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