Sony (DVD±R & DVD±RW)

The second part of Sony posts deals with their DVD family of media, of which I have very few examples of.

Sony 2x DVD-RW

This appears to be relatively early in the DVD-era, with relatively old fashioned and simple packaging. Unfortunately, the printing on this example seems rather poor and the cutting alignment is also quite poor. The disc has an MID of JVC_VictorW7, making it a quality product from a competitor.

Sony 4x DVD+RW

This is a much more modern example of their packaging, and is of a DVD+RW disc. Interestingly, the error rate graph on the rear shows arbitrary units of time and error rate, and seems to show their disc decreasing in error over time. I don’t think that’s physically possible for a disc to “heal” errors as it ages, so the graph itself is very dubious for that fact alone. This is also where their “AccuCORE” branding comes in, maybe since they’ve “worn out” the SUPREMAS branding on their CDs. The disc has an MID of SONY-S11-00, so it’s their own product which is nice.